Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Why do we choose to be attached to a person when we knew he'll probably leave too, someday? We give a part of our hearts and soul to them, cannot be retrieved. Maybe because we only think of what was important and what we want for the moment and forgetting, maybe setting aside, what will be it's effect in the long run.

A kiss is as exciting as your first day at school or first time receiving a gift; and we treated it as a sport, when we don't know that from that simple act, we get ATTACHED emotionally to a person.

We hurry down at romance when we aren't even sure of our commitment. And then cries "I can't be without him anymore.", after you fell apart.

We are in a CIRCLE.
it's a CYCLE that leads you running and running (and running) without even getting anywhere.
You connect.
You attach.
You broke up.
You connect.
You attach.
You broke up.


Whether it's with the same person or the other, it's still a CIRCLE; and it only hurts us much...

I guess the best way to be is (no, not to play safe) but to be attached to a person JUST when you know you were really ready for COMMITMENT.

a. BUILD FRIENDSHIPS along the way while getting busy with things you should be DOING first in your life.
b. STOP seeing the opposite sex ONLY as potential boyfriend / girlfriend.
c. WAIT for ROMANCE until both of you are really planning for MARRIAGE (commitment).
e. PRAY.

Obedience's reward is BLESSING.

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